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Our Humble Beginnings

NL Services International was founded in 2014 by a group of entrepreneurs to provide quality school uniforms to students from the Malay community in Singapore who study in private schools. These good quality uniforms were made available at an affordable price with prompt service and NL Services soon became a reliable supplier earning a trusted reputation.  The Company is now serving more than 10 schools and has expanded into providing hampers and gift packs to its clients as well. 


The Founders

It all began when one of  the Founders, decided to start an enterprise to solve issues in the community. The issue that was brought to his attention was the difficulty faced by parents in getting uniforms for students in private schools. During an overseas tour that he organized, he met with a garment factory owner that he found to be reliable and asked him to produce school uniforms for the private schools here in Singapore at reasonable prices.


Our Mission

NL Services has grown to be able to provide uniforms of any designs and requirements for its clients. It also specialises in providing customised hampers and gifts for teachers and students during special occasions such as Teacher’s Day and Children’s Day.  It’s current vision is to be the trustworthy and reliable supplier of uniforms and gifts to schools in Singapore, whilst holding on to the mission of providing essential services that are not readily or easily available to the community.